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Students in Grades 6-12 can log in to YouScience by clicking the logo above.

A student's username is their school email address. 
Students created their own passwords (and can reset their own if they forget it). 

Contact Jenny McMillen if you have questions about your YouScience account.


What is YouScience?  YouScience is a career aptitude assessment for students.  It includes a series of "brain games" that students complete.  Results will indicate your aptitude, and will allow you to research good-fit careers based on your aptitude and/or interests.  It's a unique new tool that we are using to help students discover their strengths and plan for their future career!

Results for Grades 6-8 look a little different than those for Grades 9-12.

Check out the resources on this page to help you better understand this assessment and your results!