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Savings Points

Savings points is our way of learning the importance of saving for major purchases and periodic bills. Just like you need to save up for that auto insurance bill that comes twice a year or planning for vacation, we are learning to "save up" points for the Final. Each Final/ Midterm requires 100 Savings Points. Students who earn more than 100 points can apply them to their quarter grades as a sort of extra credit.

Way to earn points How many? Way to earn points How many

Write Dave Ramsey vocab in a sentence

1 point per sentence Bring in a baked/ cooked item made form a recipe 10 points per recipe
Like/ Follow Dave Ramsey &/ or Rachel Cruze on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube) 5 pts per site Make an extra pillow case 10 points per case
For every $100 in scholarships you apply for and get 10 points Make an extra apron 15 points per apron
Try new foodsi at Findley Market 10 points Make an extra pair of PJ pants 40 points per pants
Eat SEAFOOD sushi 15 points Plan a week's menu for your family 20 points
Visit Findley Market on a Saturday 20 points Knit more on your scarf 3 points per inch
Prove you have $500 in a saving's account 100 points Crochet an extra washcloth 10 points per cloth
Watch Beyond Diet video and give 10 tips for eating to lose weight 10 points change a tire/ oil 20 pts
download and use EveryDollar app, use it to do your budget  10 pts/ month    


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