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In Life Skills we will be learning about personal finance including staying out of debt, saving, budgeting, buying and investing. Then we'll learn to sew and knit second quarter. Third quarter we go back to personal finance, learning about insurance, investing and job searching. We finish in the fourth quarter learning about nutrition and cooking. We also take some fun field trips to an auto body shop, the airport and a TANK bus scavenger hunt.

  • NTI week 5/3/20

    Last week of NTI

    1. Watch my video about health insurance.

    2. health insurance otus assignment.

    3. Watch my video about life insurance.

    4. life insurance otus assignment.


  • NTI week 4/27/20

    Insurance Week. Here is a link to the slideshow we would have used to talk about this. It has links to every video and otus assessment as well as graphic that make it easy to understand.

    Please go to otus and do:

    1. Deductibles and Coverage Limits
    2. Renter's Insurance
    3. Long Term Care Insurance
  • NTI week 4/20/20

    In otus: in the bookshelf is a google slide with this week's lesson. Go through it, watching the short videos. Then, go to otus assessments and take the short quiz to demonstrate what you learn. 

  • NTI week of 4/13/20

    1. email/ remind message me a quick "What do you know about investments?" or "How do you feel about investing?" or "What do you want to learn about investing?"

    2. Do the Investing 101 assignment in otus. It's pretty easy, just watching some short videos and answering a couple questions.

    3. Do the STAX activity. I would do investing 101 BEFORE STAX or you'll be lost. 

  • NTI weeks of 3/23 & 3/30

    Please watch the videos for chapters 6 & 7 in the otus bookshelf and fill out your chapters. Then do the chapter summaries (the last 4 pages)

    Then, in otus assignments, do 

    1. how to negotiate on a car and save big
    2. Let's buy a car
    3. The payoff a simulation game
  • Savings Points
     Remember! You need 100 savings points to go toward your exams. Don't get behind, start saving now!
  • Field Trips

    We plan to take the following field trips.
    1. Airport tour
    2. Auto body shop 
    3. Kroger
    4. TANK scavenger hunt & Findley Market

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      Findlay Market/ autobody field trip
      Auto Body Field Trip
      Students took public transport to 3 locations
      Findley Market Field Trip
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