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  • NTI week 5/4/20

    These are all in otus:

    1. Conflict resolution
    2. ME Conflict 1,2,3
    3. Mental Illness Sentences

    *** For #3 USE COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!!*** (You know, with a capital letter and a period.) Be sure your sentences are specific so I know that you understand the word. 

    Good example: My Aunt Shelly is addicted to chocolate, she eats a candy bar every day.

    Bad example: My Aunt Shelly is addicted to chocolate.

  • NTI week 4/27/2020

    Send me a response to this prompt: "On a scale of 1-10 how good are you at understanding and managing your emotions? Tell me why you gave yourself that score with a specific example."

    1. Edpuzzle Inside Out : 

    2. Edpuzzle Amygdala Hijack

    3. Edpuzzle Empathy

    4. Edpuzzle Riley gets sassy

  • NTI week 4/20/20

    1. ONCE you have finished last week's scenarios. Go to otus and take the quiz.

    2. I'll invite you to another Teams meeting Thursday at 1. We'll see which team scored the most points. Watching this will help you with #3.

    3. Also in otus is an assignment called: FA Risk Prevention. Make sure you use COMPLETE SENTENCES!!! We'll go over this in the Teams meeting or you can answer what you know or google search the answers. NO COPY and PASTING!!

  • NTI week 4/13/ 20

    Students- your task this week is: 

    1. Respond to me (either via email or remind) what you would do in this scenario: *don't cheat and look it up, just tell me off the top of your head.* - You walk up to your favorite Uncle Stanley's house and find him lying in the middle of his front yard. This not normal for him. He does not appear to be just sleeping. What do you do- tell me any and all steps you would take.

    2. Go to one of these 2 links, create an account and work through the simulations. Next week there will be an assignment to test your knowledge. (JUST DO 1)

    a. ‚ÄčIf you want just the basics: this is adult first aid and CPR (go to this link):

    b. ‚ÄčIf  you are around small children, maybe  you have young siblings or you babysit or you just want all the info you can get. (go to this link.) This is adult AND CHILD first aid and CPR.

    3. EXTRA CREDIT- send me a video of you performing CPR on.. a stuffed animal, a pillow (get creative). Show me all the steps of the primary survey. DO NOT DO REAL COMPRESSIONS ON A HUMAN!!

    4. Want to get together virtually and do a fun game? (Attendance is voluntary but winners of the game will get bragging rights.) Attend our Teams Meeting on Thursday. We'll do one team at High Noon and the other at 2 pm. I just sent invites via email. Students who want to play join EITHER the Noon team OR the 2pm team. I'd love to see you! I hope you can join us :) 

  • NTI weeks of 3/23 & 3/30

    The assignments for the 2 weeks prior to spring break are: These are all in otus.

    1. Growth & development project: cartoon, dialog, poem

    2. STD notes

    3. STD Project: venn diagram, Worst STD pageant, short story

    4. Birth Control notes

    5. Birth Control project: concept map, dialog, game

    6. Egg baby wrap up (if you did at least 3 days of your egg baby)

    7. Coronavirus 10 day log and journal entry.

  • Why do all assignments have the same due date?

    When an assignment "comes due" on the webpage it deletes the assignment. So, in order for students and parents to be able to see an assignment to make it up, I give all assignments a due date of the last day of the year. 

  • Egg Babies!
    Egg Babies come out 2nd and 4th quarters! Each student gets an egg baby to carry around for 1 week. Students must keep their egg "alive" and safe for full credit. 
  • What can I do to bring up my grade?
    Any assignment can be re-done for a better grade. Students can also print off their tests when they finish them and re-take the test later to try for a better score. 
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