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2019-2020 Arts & Humanities Archive

Spring 2020 Arts & Humanities Archives

April 27 - May 1

We've been hard at work in our digital classrooms with a new assignment each week! If you still do not have the code for your Arts & Humanities Google Classroom, please email me at

This week, you can catch up on activities from previous weeks that you've not yet done, or explore something new here on my website by checking out the different links and subpages! As always, you can choose to create a project of your own design! Whether you listen to music, make music, dance to music, create a piece of artwork, put on a skit or puppet show, do some yoga, or WHATEVER it might be that is visual art, music, dance, or drama, share what you do on our Arts & Humanities Google Form by clicking HERE!


April 20-24, 2020

Hello, Panthers! It's been great connecting to everyone on Google Classrooms! If you still have not signed up for your Arts & Humanities Google Classroom, email me for your code at 

This week, we continue our celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month! In honor of the art of jazz, we are going to explore an important word in the world of jazz:


Your challenge this week is to
explore ways to  "produce or make (something)

from whatever is available." 


fine arts

Need some inspiration? Check out the Music of the Month! section for lots of jazz to get you moving, shaking, and making!

Want to find unique ways to improvise making visual art? Check out some new videos added to the Art Tutorial Videos section!

Looking  for more information on how to write a poem? Visit former Poet Laureate (2013-15), Kenn Nesbitt's website for lots of great poetry resources!

Special Drama feature this week: PUPPETS! Very cool new content in this section to check out! Enjoy!

Remember, you may choose any activities on this site as an alternative option, or get creative and come up with an Arts activity of your own! Whatever you do, SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE in the Google Form!



April 13-17, 2020

Hello, Panthers! I hope everyone had a great spring break! You can find the latest assignments and upload your responses on Google Classroom! Codes have been shared with your classroom teachers. Below is the general overview of this week's activities available for students. You also have the option to complete any of the activities from past weeks that you have not yet explored! (Scroll down to see past posts.) Share whatever it is you create or experience to this week's GOOGLE FORM!

Email Ms. Mathey with any questions! 


A & H April 13-17 2020

Check out the Music of the Month section for some examples of the styles above, and more!

Here's one of my favorite jazz violinists, Stephane Grappelli playing a tune called Cheek to Cheek!



Need some ideas to inspire your artwork? Click the picture below to see inspiration from the Smithsonian Jazzed About Art!

jazz stamp

Find even more inspiration by clicking the jazz-inspired masterpiece by Matisse below!

Matisse Jazz


Clcik the picture below for EVEN MORE on Jazz and Art to inspire your creations!

Smithsonian Jazz


Friday, April 3, 2020

Happy Friday, Panthers! Hope you're having a great week! Ms. Mathey will be hosting LIVE Puppet Parties on FRIDAYS at 2:00 PM from her Miss Hanna Rae professional musician Facebook page! It's a fun way for the whole family to hang out and get silly with songs, puppets, dancing, and more! Don't worry if you miss the live broadcast, you can watch it another time! 

Have you made a found-objects color wheel yet? It's fun! Share what Arts activity you do each week by uploading it to this form HERE, and  also through YOUR ARTS AND HUMANITIES GOOGLE CLASSROOMS! 

Have a Pawsome Weekend!

Found Object Color Wheel Ms Mathey 4

Color Wheel Challenge Ms Mathey Friday


Ms. Mathey's main updates are moving to GOOGLE CLASSROOMS! The Arts and Humanities classroom codes will be sent out soon! Explore all the links here for tons of ARTS activities, and log what you do by filling out THIS FORM HERE


-Ms. Mathey  


Wednesday, April 1st

Hey there panthers! Let's see your color wheels! Upload yours HERE 

Found Objects Color Wheel Fan


Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Have you made a found-objects color wheel yet? It doesn't even have to be round to be satisfying! :) Here's today's Kitchen Edition! Have a pawsome day!

Found Objects Color Wheel Remix

Monday, March 30, 2020

Happy Monday, Panthers! Below are some fun choices for Arts & Humanities activities this week! A reminder to all 3rd grade students that you can keep up with your recorder practice by visiting the RECORDERS-3RD GRADE link!

**Everyone please share what you create HERE !!**

Arts and Humanities Mar 30 2020

Found Objects Color Wheel


Friday, March 27, 2020

Happy Friday, Panthers! I want to thank everyone who has shared your posters this week! As a school, we are working to streamline your online world, and next week I hope to have the Arts & Humanities classroom just as connected! In the meantime, you can find updates here! TODAY at 2:00 PM, I will be hosting a Pa-JAM-a Puppet Party on my music Facebook page! Find or make some puppets, musical instruments, put on your pajamas, and let's JAM!  

I hope everyone finds some fun things to do this weekend! Please share any Arts activities you are doing at home by clicking this link HERE! Thanks Panthers!


Have a Pawsome weekend!

Miss Mathey

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hello, Panthers! Happy Thursday! What a beautiful day to get some fresh air outside! I encourage everyone to get some exercise, take some nice refreshing deep breaths and let the sunshine hit your face (while still maintaining a safe distance away from others)! Tomorrow, in an effort to reach as many folks, Ludlow and beyond, I will be hosting a LIVE Pajama Puppet Party from my music facebook page, Miss Hanna Rae Mathey! There will be puppets, storytime, jokes, songs, and dancing! Fun for all ages! Round up your instruments and puppets, (or make some using creative materials!) and let's PAJAMA PUPPET PARTY! Take care everyone and I hope to see you tuning in tomorrow!

Have a PAWESOME day!

-Ms. Mathey


Please upload photos of any ARTS activities or creations you have made, including posters you made for your NTI classroom! laugh --> Click HERE to Upload!! <-- laugh


Wednesday, March 25, 2020



Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Howdy Panthers! How's everyone doing today? If you haven't made a poster for your classroom yet, check out the videos below posted yesterday! You can share your creations HERE, or by clicking my SHARING MEANS CARING! link at the top left of this page. That's where you can see your art along with other Panther masterpieces!
Many of you may be wondering how to organize your days. Our classes are usually one to two times a week, 45 minutes per class. I encourage you to spread your Arts and Humanities activities across the week, and mix it up! I have provided TONS of digital arts learning options on my page, and will continue to share more. I want to encourage everyone to take brain breaks, drink more water, stretch, walk, sing, dance, draw, or whatever you can, whenever you can! If you have any Arts needs, please email me! 

Have a PAWESOME day!

Ms. Mathey

Monday, March 23, 2020

Hello Panthers! Happy Monday! laugh Here is an assignment for all students! Check out the video below!

Stay up to date by bookmarking my teacher YouTube channel!
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I hope you've found some time to get creative since our last Arts & Humanities class!

CLICK THIS LINK to share what you've been creating at home!
It is a place to share what creative things you have done, and upload photos or video of your creations!

Check back soon for more information!


-Ms. Mathey

Want to see how Ms. Mathey made her poster? Watch the video below!

Looking for another great art project for today? Here's Ms. Cassie Stephens latest Robot Week post! (Scroll down, or click around for past links and videos!)


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hello, Panthers! Thanks for stopping by my page! A few quick things...

*If you are in Ukulele Club and did NOT receive an instrument, or have any ukulele questions, email me ASAP! 

* SUBSCRIBE and TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS for my YouTube channel!

*Videos will be posted here on my page, like this one posted yesterday!
CHECK IT OUT! Say hello in the comments! laugh

Thanks for watching! See you soon! (Miss everyone already! wink )
-Ms. Mathey

Miss Cassie Stephens is an amazing art teacher, leading a lesson on how to make ROBOTS! Follow along for all the directions!


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Panthers! Looking for something creative to do today? Make a SHAMROCK to put up in your window at home! Decorate it however you like, take a picture, and upload it here! 


Good *LUCK* and have a PAWESOME DAY!

Not sure how to make a shamrock? Watch the video below!




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