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Immigration Stories
This website has interactive journies of Immigrants traveling to America.

Dear America
This website accompanies the Dear America book series and has interactive activities related to the eras that the books cover.

U.S. History Immigration - Spartacus Educational
Details immigration history from European countries during various times in U.S. history.

Think Quest Immigration
This website provides information about immigration from European, African and Asian countries to America. This is a student created site so please verify your research. U.S. Immigration Before 1965
Information about immigration is provided and is organized by the era of the immigration.

Library of Congress Immigration
Information on immigration groups that came to America organized by countries of origin. Scroll over the pictures on the left of the screen for the countries covered.

New York Times Interactive Immigration Map
This New York Times interactive timeline/map shows how immigrants settled in the U.S. over time.

Latin American Immigration to U.S.

Digital History

Info Please Immigration Statistics
This website provides statistics of immigration for various years in U.S. History

German & Irish Immigration
This site provides information about German and Irish immigration to America.

German Immigration - Kent State
This website provides information on the reasons for German immigration.

Italian Immigration
This website offers information about Italian immigration to America.

German Immigration Timeline

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