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Anna Kelly
Media Specialist
Welcome to the Home Page for our media center.
Our library offers e-books for reading at school and home. All of the books can be accessed by multiple students at one time and most are Accelerated Reading tests. 
Click on the link above and log in with the username and password given to you. If you need help logging in please ask Mrs. Kelly or your teacher.
Enjoy reading!
Follett Library Catalog
Search our library catalog to see if we have the book you are looking for.
The library's website offers great resources. Some require a library card. All our students have a Kenton County library card to access the digital resources, email Mrs. Kelly if you would like the number. Go to emedia to check out their digital resources.

AR word count numbers
AR Goals & Awards







11K - 13,999K

14K - 16,999 K

17K - 19.-,999K



15K – 17,999K

18K - 29,999K

30K – 49,999K

50 K+


17K – 19,999K

20K - 32,999K

33K – 59,999K



20K – 22,999K

23K – 34,999K

35K – 69,999K



50K – 59,999K

60K – 89,999K

90K – 169,999K



Terry Litke - East Laurens Primary School


Use this website to check if the book you are reading has a AR test. Type in the name of the book and enter.
If you are ready to take a test do it through Clever. 






Starfall has great activities and games. If you can't see all the games out log in is:
Fun games
on many Subjects K-6



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This site offers educational games for grades K - 5
Cool Site!!!
Check out this cool website to see the sun moving across the earth in real time. You can also see large weather systems.
Knowledge Owl reads a book!!

Panther's Window to the World

The Panther's Window to the World is the internet resource for Ludlow Elementary students, parents and staff to begin their search on the internet. The sites have been selected by media specialist, Anna Kelly. Please report any difficulties with the links to

To access the links click on the subject heading you desire on the left of this page.

Once on the page to view a website click on the the name listed and it will open in another window. To return to the list of websites just close the tab for the window that opened up.


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