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Reading Log Newsletter

Reading Books and Reading Logs


There will be a monthly reading log sent home.  Each night that you read a book, color in the picture on their reading log.  At the end of the month, the reading log will be turned in.  After December, I will be supplying students with a book along with their reading log. Reading books will be sent home on Monday's in the students reading bag.  I will have the reading bag clipped in their folder. To avoid losing it, simply take the book out and place it back in the bag each night to avoid forgetting it on Friday's. If we are not at school on Friday, then the reading book will be due on Thursday. The reading bag should have their reading book in it and their reading log completed and filled out. Please keep the book in the bag to stay clean.  Please no drawling on the books and try to limit getting things on the book such as food, drinks etc.  If a student loses a book or does not return it, they will not have another book sent home, alternative arrangements will be made as the books are school property. If the book is not found fines will be assigned. Books will not be sent home the week before breaks or on shortened weeks.


Common Questions about Reading Logs:

  • Books are leveled on their reading level.
  • Students can read books other than that book on their log such as a library book, or book at home. They are not limited to that book but it is a book geared toward their independent reading level. 
  • You can read to their child, students can read with someone, or read independently out loud to an adult. 

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