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Lesson Plans

Good morning 5th Graders!

Here are your assignments for the week, if you have any questions, please contact me through Google Classroom or email at

Week of 3/30



Monday 3/30

Lesson 9.5 – Numerical Patterns

For this lesson, you will work through the steps on pages 559-560. You will be looking for a relationship between two numerical patterns, then writing the number pairs. When you have finished with the lesson, complete the practice problems on pages 561-562.

Tuesday 3/31

Lesson 9.6 – Find a Rule

This problem solving lesson, pages 565-566, will help you to generate a rule to follow to complete a pattern of numbers. The rules that are generated will follow both the numbers in rows as well as columns. After completing the lesson, complete the practice problems on pages 567-568

Wednesday 4/1

Lesson 9.7 – Graph and Analyze Relationships

Complete the lesson problems on pages 571 – 572. This lesson will combing finding a Rule to compete a pattern with numbers as well as writing and graphing ordered pairs. After completing the lesson pages, complete the practice problems on pages 573-574.

Thursday 4/2

Complete the Chapter Review/Test on pages 577-582

Friday 4/3

Complete the Tri-Fold


For Science this week, you will go through a few of the mini lessons offered by Mystery Science. With your parents, go to: Across the top you will see a yellow banner that says: “Preparing for school closures? A starter list of K-5 science lessons that are easy to do at home is now free; no sign-up or log-in required.” On this page, go through these lesson:



Monday 3/30 – Friday 4/3

How old is the Earth?


What is a Black Hole?


How do germs get inside your body?


You can also explore the mini-lessons from earlier grades and watch the ones that interest you. I will be putting additional materials on Google classroom for you!


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