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Lesson Plans

Good morning 5th Graders!

I miss seeing you all in class, hopefully we won’t be out for too long. Below is your first week of assignments for Math and Science. Remember, if you have any questions, you can email at I will be trying to get some videos posted to my website and Google Classroom to help you along with these lessons, you can also log into Think Central from home (make sure to log into your school Google account, select Think Central and log in with Google.

I am including links to videos that cover a wide variety of topics. They are great resources if you need help with a topic, and if there is a video relating to a specific lesson, I will reference the video in the table below.

*I will be including the same type of Homework papers that we have done for the last 2 quarters.



Monday 3/23

Lesson 9.1 – Line Plots

For this lesson, you will work through the steps on pages 533-534. If you need help, follow the link above, scroll down to Measurement and Data (line 109), and select the 5th video titled Line Plots. When you have finished with the lesson, complete the practice problems on pages 535-536.

Tuesday 3/24

Lesson 9.2 – Ordered Pairs

We have worked with writing and graphing ordered pairs throughout the school year. As you work through this lesson, keep in mind that ordered pairs are written (x-coordinate, y-coordinate). Work through the problem and examples on pages 539-540, then complete the practice problems on pages 541-542. If you need help, follow the link above, scroll down to Geometry (line 81), and watch the first 2 videos, Graphing on a Coordinate Plane, and Reading Coordinate Planes.

Wednesday 3/25

Lesson 9.3 – Graph Data

If you have access to the materials listed in the investigate at home, this would be a great activity for you to complete! If not, this lesson is related to Lesson 9.2, so you should be able to complete the pages 547 – 548. For anyone without the listed materials, I am going to try to get a video uploaded to Google Classroom and my school website of me completing the investigate so we can work through the lesson together!

Thursday 3/26

Lesson 9.4 Line Graphs

Work through the problems on pages 551-552, if you have trouble, follow the video link, scroll down to Measurement and Data (line 109), and select the second video, Line Graphs, on line 111.

Friday 3/27

Great job this week! Easy day for you today. Complete the Mid-Chapter Checkpoint on pages 557-558. Once you have finished that, work on the Coordinate Grid Riddle. By following the plot points, you will reveal the answer to the riddle “What Kind of Trees Wear Mittens?”


  • Connect each point to the point before it.
  • When you see the word “stop” you do not connect those points.
  • The points in each box will form one letter.
  • The letters on the grid will spell the answer to the riddle




For Science this week, you will go through a few of the mini lessons offered by Mystery Science. With your parents, go to: Across the top you will see a yellow banner that says: “Preparing for school closures? A starter list of K-5 science lessons that are easy to do at home is now free; no sign-up or log-in required.” On this page, go through these lesson:



Monday 3/23 – Friday 3/27

How do things glow in the dark?


How deep does the ocean go?


How does hand sanitizer kill germs?


You can also explore the mini-lessons from earlier grades and watch the ones that interest you. I will be putting additional materials on Google classroom for you!

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