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Mystery #4 (Decomposers) Do Worms Eat Dirt

In Mystery #4 we explored the role of worms in decomposing dead material and releasing nutrients into the soil. In our investigation, we conducted an experiment on worm behaviour and made conclusions based on those observations. Worms are more than just bait you use when you go fishing, they play a vital part in the environment as decomposers that help the soil, and plants in the soil, stay healthy!

Explore the anatomy of a worm by following this link: 

- At this website you will find a lot of information about worms! Included are some games to play and a links page to more information including how to make your own compost bin!

PBS Video featuring Abigail Harden, a 14-year old worm Enthusiast!

In fhis video, Emma Sherlock, is responsible for the free-living worms at the Natural History Museum in London. She introduces us to Britain’s earthworms and explains why they’re so fascinating!

Worms have an important job to do! Watch worms at work in this sped up video!

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