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Welcome back, Panthers! It's time for another great school year here at Mary A. Goetz Elementary! I hope you take time to visit all the links on this site, and come back again to see what's new! Updates and changes will be happening often! This year's school-wide theme is SUPERHEROES! To celebrate, I have created an Arts and Humanities portal to all kinds of creative links! Take a look and have fun discovering all kinds of super ARTS!




SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to some virtual pen-pal students, Samantha and Paige Echevarria! They have enjoyed our Arts and Humanities links here, and they don't even go to this school! In gratitude, they have shared a favorite link for YOU to enjoy! Check out this Kids Guide to Scrapbooking for tips on how to make your own Scrapbook! Thanks again for sharing, Samantha and Paige!

Have you explored the all the AMAZING LINKS ON THIS WEBPAGE?! New content gets added all the time! Don't know where to start? Visit the MUSIC LINKS and VISUAL ART LINKS for a wide variety of activities to explore. Share what you discover in a Discovery Reflection!  

Check out the Arts and Humanities Launchpad from the 2020-21 school year! There are tons of links for great art, music, dance, and drama! 

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