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About Us

The Ludlow Independent School District is comprised of two schools that serve the community of Ludlow, nestled on the Ohio River, just southwest of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Ludlow is a small town bursting with pride for our school and community!  Check out our video to learn more about us!

History of Ludlow Independent Schools

For over 150 years, the Ludlow Independent School District has served the families of Ludlow.  Prior to the incorporation of the City of Ludlow with the city charter in 1864, the local school was run by the State of Kentucky with state school records indicating that the first school in Ludlow began in 1848 with 29 students.  The first school was housed on the first floor of a two-story building at the corner of Elm and Locust Street (current site of the Ludlow City Building).  The Christian Church worshippers held services on the second floor of the building with the ground floor room used as a school room maintained by the state.  Once the City of Ludlow was incorporated, the city was tasked with running the local school for the children of Ludlow. 

In 1870, the first school board took their seats following the election of 1869 and the erection of the first school-only building on Linden Street was completed.  By 1893, the growth of the city and inclusion of a high school created a need for a new school building.  In 1897, a new school building was opened at the corner of Adelia (now Adela) and Oak Streets.  An additional building was built in 1915 to house the 7th-12th grades.  This 1915 building is still in use today as part of the middle/high school.  By 1932, a new modern high school building was needed to house 7th-12th grades that included an auditorium and gymnasium.  This building was constructed on Elm Street and was originally named George Washington High School (now home to Ludlow High School’s 9th-12th grades). 

By 1957, the baby boom generation had swelled the population of the city and a modern elementary was built for grades 1st-6th.   The “new” Mary A. Goetz Elementary School was built on the corner of Adela and Oak Streets and replaced the 1897 school building, the original Mary A. Goetz Elementary, on the same site. 

Since that time, many renovations and additions have taken place, including a new high gymnasium added in 1970 adjacent to the elementary school on Oak Street.  In 2000, a new three-story middle school building was constructed on Adela Street to complete the Ludlow school campus.  Today, Ludlow Independent School District serves children from preschool through 12th grade on this campus.

Mary A Goetz Elementary School

Serving 410 students in pre-school through 6th grade, Mary A Goetz Elementary has a long tradition of academic excellence and continually works to improve the programs that have been established over the years.  We offer a rich curriculum, implemented by an outstanding staff.  We offer SHINE, a 21st Century Community Learning Center, for before and after-school programming, all at no cost to families.  We have a one-to-one reading program that allows community members to help students improve upon their reading skills throughout the school year.  The elementary school has collaborated with the high school to create the peer-tutoring program, which allows juniors and seniors to assist elementary students in their learning on a daily basis.  As always, our teachers and staff build upon the relationships that have been established to enhance our learning environment, making it a true family-like atmosphere.

Board of Education

The Ludlow Board of Education works diligently to provide resources to our schools so that our teachers are equipped to have each student college/career ready when they graduate. Our board understands that our academic focus must start at an early age and be reinforced each school year so that our students understand the skills and abilities needed to compete in a global economy once they enter the workforce. The Board of Education understands the strong relationships needed within a school district and its community to move our schools forward on a continual basis.

Ludlow High School

Ludlow High School serves 370 students in grades 7 through 12. Our school works to meet the needs of our students and strive to ensure that each student that graduates from Ludlow High School is prepared to successfully transition to postsecondary education and the workforce.

Our students know that school is a place to open your mind to new and exciting opportunities, while still being in a safe, small, family-like setting.  

We encourage students to participate in programs off of our campus, such as early college programs at Gateway Community & Technical College or our carpentry program offered at Enzweiler Building Institute.  These programs are all provided to students at not cost to the families.  Tuition, books, and all material expenses are covered. 

Ludlow High School embraces the high academic standards and traditions that have been established throughout the proud history of our school.  Our staff understands that the high school experience goes well beyond the classroom and collaboratively works with their students to offer various extra-curricular activities throughout the school year.

School Spirit

School Spirit is a big deal at our schools.
We sing our Panthers to victory with the Washington and Lee Swing Fight song:
"When the Ludlow Panthers fall in line, we're going to win this game another time. For the dear old school we love so well. For the red and black, we'll yell and yell and yell. We're going to fight, fight, fight for every score. And when it's over then we'll yell some more. We're going to knock those Tigers on the floor, out the door, rah rah rah."

Check out our video highlighting our 2022 Community Tailgate Party!