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Resources For Parents

Last Updated: 4/16/2020 10:38 PM

parent toolkit

This Parent Toolkit gives parents/guardians some great tips on supporting their child in the areas of academics, social and emotional skills, and health/wellness.  Benchmarks and expectations in every grade level individually are provided.  This toolkit is provided through NWEA, so it also helps parents understand their child's progress through their MAP scores too. Use this as a way to better connect with your child and understand his/her needs.


check your grades


Students and Parents can log in to the Infinite Campus portal to check grades, attendance, and past report cards, progress reports, and transcripts.  Parents can also pay fees and load funds into the child's cafeteria account as well.  Students log in with their SSID (Student School ID) as their username.  They've created their own password.  Parents can log in with their child's information OR set up their own parent account.  Parent accounts allow parents to log in once to see all children in the household.  To set up a parent account, contact Jenny McMillen.


talk to your kids

It may seem hard to talk to our kids about certain topics.  We've included some links and resources that might help you with this.  Don't avoid these conversations!  Talk to your child before others do.  You've got this!

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.


Talking to Students about Sex

How to Talk to Students about Healthy Choices Regarding Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking

Talking about School Violence

Talking To Your Child After a Disaster or Traumatic Event



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