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College Readiness Technology Tools

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   ACT - The official website includes registration information, test prep, scores, college and career planning, etc.
Big Future - Includes a helpful scholarship finder, as well as help for finding and planning for college.  
   FAFSA - Provides information on Federal Student Aid and how to get help paying for college.
 CPSI - College Planning Solutions, Inc.  Helping students and their families fulfill their college and education needs  
   KHEAA - Brings you all the information possible about preparing yourself for a higher education and the steps needed to complete this higher education.
 Student Scholarship Search - This website matches you to scholarships just by answering 5 simple questions.  
   Career Cruising - This website uses questions about your interests and activities to determine which career fields you may be interested in.
 Mapping Youre Future - Helps you develop a career plan based on your skills and interests.  
   US College Planning - Helps parents and students navigate the college process to build a roadmap to a brighter college future. - This free scholarship search finds you plenty of scholarships to help you pay for college.  
Fastweb - At Fastweb, we have it all.  Find your dream job and a way to pay for it.
College Advantage - Ohio offers two college advantage 529 saving plans to provide the right tools needed for your child's success.

Complete Directory of Online Colleges and Universities in Kentuck


Career Quiz
This career interest quiz helps students to explore which career path is best for them.

Colleges & Careers: Planning my Future
This app delivers integreated college and career search so you can see the bigger picture and better chart your own future.

ACT College Search
Searching by names and/ or selecting preferences, users can arrive at a manageable number of institutions tp investigate more thoroughly.

ACT Student
This app helps students anticipate and manage the ACT experience.  Using thee "Practice" feature, students can attempt to answer practice problems and gain feedback.
This app delivers all the latest scholarships and related news to your iPhone/ iPod touch as soon as they become available.


College Visits
This app helps you plan and organize the most important part of the college selection process... your campus visits.

Big Dreamers
Whether you know what you want to be or you're still deciding, it's easy to find the right career path with this app.

Android Apps

College Planning A-Z
This app features tips ans information for college-bound high school students, organized alphabetically from A to Z.
Scholarships and Grants Free App
This dependable app makes it easy to find scholarships and grants for college.
College Bound
This app eliminates the college stress by providing both students and parents with useful, every day, and up-to-the-minute, information on and about the entire college experience.
Career Recommend/Matching Test
Find your ideal career with this easy Personality & Interest test.
 Best College Hunt
This app is a guide for prospective students who are trying to find the best college to suit their needs.

Ways to Prepare for College
Stay Ahead of the Class With Great Tips To Get Prepared For College! 37 Ways To Prepare For College will give you step-by-step advice on how to get ready for higher education.

Free College Cash and Grants
If You Don't Have The Funds To Pay For School On Your Own, Then Install...How To Win Free College Cash... Now!

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