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Language Arts Technology Tools

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  A Quotation- Find a quote.
All Grades
Dictionary- This is a link to a dictionary. You are able to look up a variety and find the proper definition.
All Grades
  Google Books- Help find books for any class material, or just one that would interest your personal mind.
All Grades
Great Big Fancy Word Game- Word game to help word developement.
Into the Book- Focuses on eight research-based reading strategies. Students can watch short videos, try the online interactive activities, and print or email their work.
All Grades
BBC Crackophone- Internactive phonics lessons.
ICT Literacy Games- Numerous interactive games for practicing early literacy topics such as letter sounds, spelling, and basic phonics.
In between the Lions-  Interactive games for reading skills.
Little Animal Activity Centre- Interactive games and stories focusing on early reading and math skills.
Clifford Interactive Story Books- Interactive story books and phonic games.
  Garden of song kidzpage-  Short poems and nursery rhymes.
Book Trailers- Preview books by watching the book trailer.
Authors and Illustrators on the Web- This website includes all about authors, and what their fans have to say about them.
Quotes Book-Also another quo te book.
  Que Onda-Learn spanish.
Thesaurus- This is the largest and most trusted online Thesaurus, where you can find synonyms and antonyms for a variety of words!
  Typing Test- Helps you type better and faster.
Word Stash- Helps you learn new words and how to use them.

Study StackHelps you study with hangman, flash cards, word puzzles, and more!
Scootpad provides practice with the math and reading standards that the students are learning and tested on.


Spelling Star- Raise speling scores and become better spellers with Spelling Star!
Writing Prompts for Kids- Boost students creative writing skills with writing prompts that will sparks their imagination!
The Correct Spelling- Three confusing words appear and you must chose the correct spelling by throwing your basketball!
Multilanguage Fairy Tales- Nine to fifteen minutes fairy tale stories that are automated and told to you!
Learn English Grammar- Best new way to leanr and correct your English grammar no matter where you are!

Android Apps:

Art Language Guide & Quiz-
Speak like an art connoisseur. Impress your partner or date. Speak like an art connoisseur. Impress your partner or date on your next museum visit. Learn basic art, sculpture, and painting vocabulary with flashcards, multiple choice quiz, & dictionary.
Grammar Games Lite!- Quiz yourself on fun English grammar questions. Idioms. Commonly misspelled words. Irregular verb tenses. Verb prepositions. Proverbs. Synonyms.
Spelling Bee- Learn to spell thousands of words - from easy to hard. Learn to spell 2300+ English words. Clear audio clips are included. Words gradually increase in difficulty. This version is ideal for children. We are busy as bees adding more words and harder words!
Spelling Sea Word Game- Form words and pop bubbles! Spelling Sea is a new, dynamic word game, where you connect three or more bubbles to form a word. Submerge into the calming sea and challenge your vocabulary, while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves! Choose from three different game modes based on how much time you
Test Your English-This application helps you to improve your English skills. It contains more than 300 multiple choice tests.

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