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Web Pages
is a fun way to test you
typing abilities. This app gives you a paragraph from an article, books, excerpts, etc.
is an easy way to

teach you some typing techniques. It shows you how you can
position yourself to type faster and more.
  20 Things I Learned
is a web site that teaches how you can
use the internet in a basic manner, and even in some
advanced forms, such as different browsers to use,
short-cut keys, and keyboard tricks.
This site can teach you about how to use computers effectively and safely
.  PhotoShop: I
s a way to help improve

your photos or images within your 
 Defend Your Computer: 
This site can help teach you on how to help your computer stay safe and stop anything unexpected. 
Typer Shark is a great

way to work on typing more effectively and accurately  
This site teaches how games

within the classroom can help a kids learning with important features all round.
This site uses a
kid-friendly search engine for them to find games or
teachings that can help them learn more about what
they would like to learn about. 
 Is a site where you
can communicate with the teacher if you are out that day and you
have an assignment that
may be important. You can show them through the computer and have them help you though out the work.
Is a very good resource to find out how computers work .
The New Boston:
This site can teach you practically everything from computer science, computer code, and even algebra. It is especially great if you are trying to learn a computer language like Jave
iPad Apps
HTML5 Reference Guide:
This app references
you to a multitude of HTML5 scripting
tags and codes and helps your
create HTML5 scrips
 TapType - Typing Trainer:
This appallows you to
train yourself to
type on ipad
and test your speed by
how many word you can
type a minute Personal Financing:
This app can be used to
track your financing and
keep hold of your prending
and your income.


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