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Travis Caudill

Ask any educator, and he/she will tell you that one of the things most appreciated about the field is the opportunity to annually begin anew.  Lessons that could have been better can be improved upon.  Projects that were put on the backburner can come to fruition.  The desk that was messy in May is now tidy.  That tack that was left on the seat when he sat down in front of the class has been forgotten.  A little too moody last year?  Now is the chance to be a little friendlier.  Grudges are checked at the door…there is no place for them inside the school.  Everyone has a clean slate!

As parents and students, you get this same opportunity for a fresh start.  If your grades were not quite what you’d hoped them to be last year, set your mind to being a better student – one who studies a little harder, completes assignments on time, participates in class.  If your behavior left a little something to be desired, dedicate yourself to improving your conduct.  Coming from another school where you developed a bad reputation?  No one knows you here, and you can be who you choose to be.  Did you have a bad experience as a parent?  Put it behind you, and give the next teacher a chance. 

I am proud of our school – proud of our kids, proud of our teachers and staff, proud of our parents, proud of our community.  Over the last century, something great has grown along the Ohio.  That being said, even great things can be better.  We welcome you back from what has hopefully been a restful summer, and as the new school year opens, take this next “new beginning” and run with it, setting your sights on excellence. 

Seeking to Reach Every Student…Every Day,

Mr. Caudill


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